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Dec 5, 2013 6:00pm PST
>> announcer: the >>> the death of nelson >>> the death of nelson mandela. this is nbc nightly news with brian williams. we're back with more of our special coverage of the passing of nelson mandela who died today at the age of 95. as you might imagine, at this hour, reaction to his loss, is pouring in from around the world and the nation of south africa now begins a state of mourning. our south african-based correspondent is with us from outside the mandela family home in johannesburg. as we said in our first half hour, this is a nation many of whom went to bed last night who will be waking up tomorrow morning to hear this anticipated but still sad and shocking news. >> absolutely right, brian. anticipated. expected. predictable but painful nonetheless. as i look around, the crowds here have grown to maybe 400 or 500 people. mainly south africans who were born after the birth of democracy. the so-called born frees who have no memory of the darkest years of ar par tide. they are singing and celebrating his life rather than mourning his death because, of course, his death was not in
Dec 9, 2013 6:00pm PST
africa tomorrow for nelson mandela. security extra tight. crews have been working to install bulletproof gas as well as the final touches at a stadium in johannesburg. president obama will lead a handful of world leaders to pay tribute to the former south african president. one of mandela's daughters met well wishers this evening outside her father's home. she gave out candles while hugging some of the thousands who gathered there. >> i mean, like, we're obviously very sad. a small gesture to thank people for all the support, the prayers. this is a difficult time. >> after the memorial, mandela's body will lie in state for three days. his burial will take place sunday where he was born. nbc will broadcast tomorrow's memorial service live right here on nbc bay area starting at 1:00 a.m. >>> a man got an unexpected layover on his way to los angeles. we do mean layover. tom wagner boarded a united express flight at louisiana friday and expected to land in houston and board another plane to los angeles. he said he fell asleep and woke up in a dark, empty plane. finding the door locked, he us
Dec 6, 2013 6:00pm PST
the loss of a world leader. remembering nelson mandela and locally how his work inspired a movement. >>> i'm scott budman. local job growth leading to new construction projects. we'll have that story just ahead. >>> good evening, i'm jeff ranieri. we're tracking low snow across the bay area. coming up, who has had reports of snow flurries and how low it might go in just a few minutes. >>> if you're looking for a job, hiring is up, layoffs are down. business and tech reporter scott budman is in san jose tonight to show us why that's good news for a whole lot of businesses. scott? >> reporter: yeah, it is, diane. good evening. we talk about growth in the tech sector. while that is good for those businesses, it's also good for construction business which is getting a big jolt these days after a long dry spell. business is good for zazzle. the san jose online retailer recently opened its second giant manufacturing facility here, hiring 800 new people to run it. >> we grew so much and decided to expand our footprint. >> reporter: giving the local economy a boost in the process. >> there
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3